The Capital Campaign is supported by a diverse group of students, teachers, lay practitioners, board members and alumni.

You can contact anyone on the Campaign team by emailing them at [email protected]¬†and you can reach Anne-Marie Rosch√©¬†at 415-268-0296.

Work circle at Beginners Mind Temple

Work circle at Beginners Mind Temple

Our effort is led by Zesho Susan O’Connell, the Vice President in charge of Development.

The Capital Campaign Leadership team is:

  • Steve Stucky, Central Abbot
  • Linda Ruth Cutts, Green Gulch Abbess
  • Mary Morgan, Board Chair
  • Ed Sattizahn, Former Board Chair and chair of Board’s Finance Committee
  • Robert Thomas, President

and our staff is:

Anne-Marie Rosch√©, Manager of Leadership Giving,¬†415-268-0296, [email protected]

Barbara Machtinger, Development Researcher, [email protected]