Share Your Questions

Share Your Questions

As we build this website we try to address the most common questions we are asked about the Capital Campaign. I’m sure we’ve missed many possible questions, though.

So to help future readers, please ask any questions you might have that we haven’t yet answered.

Leave any comment or question you might have below or email us at and I’ll write back to you with the answer and incorporate the new information into the website.

Thank you for your interest and engagement in helping to make this communication space work for you and for all of our sangha.

with bows,


5 Responses to “Share Your Questions”

  1. Barbara Casey

    What is the timeline for this project? Even in general terms?

  2. Amida Cary

    Dear Anne-Marie,

    The project sounds wonderful and I am drawn to support it. I have responded to the initial contact but have had no reply (or perhaps it was filtered?).

    How will we stay in contact? Is there a newsletter or list serve, or will updates just be on the website?

    Amida Cary
    Berkeley, CA

  3. Daniel Thompson

    Dear Anne-Marie, as a resident of Rhonert Park that lives near Sonoma Mountain Village & Sonoma State I am just wondering exactly where this real estate parcel is located. Is there anyway you can describe exactly where it is with nearby cross streets etc.?

    Thank you, Palms together,

    Daniel Thompson

  4. Christine sleight

    I’m loving the idea of the SOMO project. I recently retired from providing speech pathology services at Credo HS, a public, charter, Waldorf-inspired school that is moving to the SOMO site in December, 2016. In addition to all of the wonderful ideas you have put forth re: housing, I could see activities that include the high school as well. The school requires community service of all its students, and graduating seniors do projects that could easily have a tie-in with the proposed 55+ community. If this is of interest to anyone, I’d be happy to be a liaison between the two groups. Please add me to your email list. Thank you❤️

  5. Suzanne Eaves

    Hello Anne-Marie,

    This project sounds like a dream come true! I’m very interested to know the ideas being discussed, the current status of the planning, and a rough time frame its various stages of completion. I’ve signed up to receive updates, but have not received any yet. Would like to know how to stay on top of this, as I may want to join as soon as it’s possible.

    Thank you!
    Suzanne Eaves

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