Completed Campaign Project: Green Gulch Farm

The long-term restoration plan for Green Gulch calls for developing structures that reflect Zen Buddhist values and integrate Zen Center’s presence harmoniously with the local ecosystem.

Tending the fields at Green Gulch Farm

Tending the fields at Green Gulch Farm

The central organizing concept of the long-term restoration plan is a commitment to restoring Green Gulch Creek to pre-1900s conditions as fully as is practical and to providing healthy habitat for humans and other forms of life in the Green Gulch ecosystem.

The Green Gulch Farm plan identified significant infrastructure needs that are being funded by Zen Center’s Widening the Circle campaign. These include:

  • Repairs to the Guest House and Wheelwright Center roofs
  • Renovation of Hope Cottage
  • Repairs to the main access road
  • Accessibility improvements in central pathways and landscaping
  • Zendo Pond dredging
  • Improvements to the septic systems
  • New signage
  • Improvements to the teahouse and teahouse garden
We have reached our fundraising goal for this project! Thank you for your interest and support.
Read more about this project (PDF)

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