Campaign Projects: Tassajara
Retreat Hall

Tassajara provides the peaceful space that allows the mind to settle, and teaches us to connect with ourselves, enabling us to move with compassion through our lives.

Workshop participants utilize the new Retreat Hall

Workshop participants utilize the new Retreat Hall

Opened at the beginning of the guest season 2011, we offer this new, comfortable and spacious retreat hall to serve as a dedicated space for yoga retreats and workshops; providing support to those who wish to deepen their practice and time at Tassajara through a workshop or class during their stay.

This space unites Tassajara’s desire to create a beautiful and serene place of refuge to better serve the hundreds of retreats and workshops participants with our commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship, and allows yoga retreats to be moved out of the zendo and into a dedicated and purposefully designed and dedicated space.

Using green materials and thermodynamics, this new energy-efficient facility will have a long-term impact on our ability to provide high-quality Zen-related and Zen-inspired programs and retreats, and to give our  teachers an effective, supportive environment in which to offer the classes that continue to draw practitioners from across the country each year.

We have completed fundraising for this project. Thank you for your interest and support!


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