Completed Campaign Projects: Tassajara
Temple Gate

The Tassajara temple gate upholds the Zen tradition of providing a marker of the threshold between the secular and the sacred.

New Temple Gate at Tassajara

New Temple Gate with apprentices (and temporary roof)

The gate is a symbolic marker that calls our attention to the profound moment when we leave our day-to-day world and step into the sacred space of the Zen temple.

There are two good reasons to replace the gate now. Despite caring for the gate over many years, it has reached the end of its life and is falling apart.

We are only able to do it at this time because  master temple-builder Paul Discoe has generously offered his wisdom and expertise. Working with a team of apprentices organized by Zen Center, Discoe aims to greet guests with a new gate at the beginning of the 2013 Guest Season.


We have reached our fundraising goal for this project! Thank you for your interest and support.

Read more about this project (PDF).