Zen Mind Virtual Practice Center

Zen Center has had three Practice Centers since the 1970s. We are now adding a fourth practice center that you can enter any time, anywhere in the world, online.

Zendo at Green Gulch Farm

Zendo at Green Gulch Farm

With an ever expanding, international sangha, we are providing a virtual practice center to serve the needs of practitioners who, for whatever reason, cannot come to the three physical practice centers.

There will also be new resources for all members of the sangha, near and far.

High quality online offerings require financial support as much as the purchase of land or a building does. Web design, photo archives and streaming dharma talks are critical resources and offerings that need your support.

The budget for this project is $400,000 and the community has already raised $307,000 toward this goal. Please help us raise the additional $93,000.

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