The Capital Campaign is supported by a diverse group of students, teachers, lay practitioners, board members and alumni.

Work circle at Beginners Mind Temple

Work circle at Beginner’s Mind Temple

You can contact anyone on the Campaign team by emailing and you can reach Anne-Marie Rosché at 415-268-0296.

Our effort is led by Zesho Susan O’Connell, Zen Center President.

The Capital Campaign Leadership team is:

  • Myogen Steve Stucky, Central Abbot
  • Eijun Linda Ruth Cutts, Green Gulch Abbess
  • Mary Morgan, Board Chair
  • Tova Green, Vice President in charge of Development

and our staff is:

Anne-Marie Rosché, Manager of Leadership Giving, 415-268-0296,

Barbara Machtinger, Development Assistant,



6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Phyllis

    Is there a Zen senior com,unity on the east coast?

  2. Linda Lenke

    Good Morning

    I have practiced Siddha Yoga for 40 years and have worked in the senior living industry for 15 years. I wanted to make sure that you were familiar with the Green House model for senior living. From my perspective, your vision is very exciting.

    All the best,

  3. Martha Boesing

    I think this is a wonderful project. At age 80, my partner (Sandy Boucher) and I are very interested in this. Is there a way to “sign up” for first possible buyers or renters. We actually don’t have very much money, having lived our lives as artists with no family money, but are hoping we can meet the requirements of this when you are ready to sign people up.

  4. Rene Beck

    I am not sure my info was submitted because the last question/response failed to register.
    Please let me know if u received my contact info and survey!
    Rene Beck
    15 Red Rock Way #201
    San Francisco, ca 94131

  5. Adele Mendelson

    I can’t get through the form because my email is “not unique.” It’s the only email I use do I don’t know how to fix this error. I very much want to be on the list. This community sounds perfect for me.

  6. Lee Fernandez

    I am very interested in a SF Bay Area ZEN Senior Living Project and pleased to already be on your mailing list. I have an idea for a community outreach opportunity and would like to how to contact project planners. Lee Fernandez December 21, 2016

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