We want to hear what you’re thinking. 

The campaign effort is a complex project with many people involved. We do our best at communicating but with a project so complex and a community so diverse, there are some voices that go unheard, differing points of view, confusion and concerns.

To give a space to all voices, we are trying to bring the Council model we use at our practice centers online.

The Council is a place for each person to express their thoughts, feelings and views without any response. (Read more on councils.)

Compassion arises naturally when we listen with respect and when we express ourselves with an open heart. Wisdom flows from the wholeness of the circle and … listening to the voice of council teaches us that the circle’s knowledge is greater than the totality of its members’ individual knowing.  Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle, The Way of Council.

Even though we’re in different places, we’re still one sangha listening with attention and open hearts.

Though Council is often used when there is conflict, we hope that you will share any thoughts that you would like – both positive, negative and neutral. We want to hear from as many voices in the community as we can in order to receive the wisdom of the wholeness of the circle.

As we try to adapt this model to the web, please share your input with us about the format — writing a comment on a blog is a very different experience from speaking in a circle. Your input helps us improve up on the format as we try to include all voices as we widen our circle of sangha.

Anne-Marie, anne-marie.rosche@sfzc.org

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