What happens when we imagine a world with more Zen? 

A World with More Zen

Ten years ago the leaders of Zen Center asked themselves that question and began a Vision process.

In response to our plans, a generous benefactor offered San Francisco Zen Center a challenge grant in 2008. Learn more about the background on the campaign.

By successfully raising the funds for critical¬†projects, we are awarded with a Matching Grant towards Zen Center’s¬†endowment.


We need major improvements to our practice centers while also expanding our capacity through new buildings and new initiatives.


A strong financial foundation helps us to better offer Zen practice to our current sangha and to future generations.

With a ten-year strategic plan and this fundraising campaign, we will respond to community needs while preserving our deepest values and core purpose: to embody, express and make accessible the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha.

For more details, here is a Capital Campaign Summary.

How do YOU imagine a World with more Zen?

We want to hear from you. You can contact us at imagine@sfzc.org or share comments for everyone at our online Council.