At the end of the campaign, we will be awarded a $5 million challenge grant towards Zen Center’s endowment.

What IS an endowment, exactly?

An endowment is money that is invested to support the long-term health and stability of an organization. Just as you might have a long-term savings account, a church, hospital or university has an endowment.

What good is an endowment?

Zen Center is currently sustained by donations and earned income. By adding a third source of revenue to support Zen Center, we are able to create programs devoted to what is most important — Zen Training:

  • Teaching “chairs” for senior teachers so they can share the dharma full time, increase their program offerings, deepen connections with students and reach a wider circle of students
  • Teaching “fellowships” to train the next generation of teachers who can continue Suzuki Roshi’s lineage